Mollie Wetta

· January 8, 2015 · 3:27 AM

Wichita, Kansas

I am the mother to three littles.  They are the reason I became a photographer and there are so many things I see every day so many details about them that I want to remember forever…things like a single curl that appears on a humid day, the way eyes disappear with the most beautiful smile, a freckle, an outie belly button, a crooked grin. Through all the chaos and exhaustion of being needed all the time there is still such an abundance of beauty.  I  think that photography has helped me slow down and appreciate these three crazy people for how wonderful they really are.  It has helped me see beauty in many moments that I would have overlooked before.  I specialize in weddings and newborns and what keeps me going are the beautiful moments that just happen in the everyday whether in the middle of a session or around the house. website  blog Untitled-1