How to contribute

We are currently not adding weekly contributing members but, if you have an image of your children that shows your vision of motherhood there are still ways to contribute!

What are we looking for?

Our project goal is to capture the feeling of motherhood through images, “motherhood from behind the camera”.  It is a personal project and images should be taken by YOU of YOUR children.  They should be the unposed, everyday moments.  Often our busy lives take up so much of our time that we forget to stop and enjoy those little moments that really speak to us as mothers. This project is to give us some encouragement to capture OUR OWN LIVES, as we see mothers!  Years down the road, we want to be able to look back at those images and feel it all over again…the joy, frustration, peace, chaos, excitement, exhaustion…those feelings you have today when you document your motherhood.

If you are an instagram user, join in our our image a day quest by hashtagging your motherhood images with #icyh365.  If a post a day is too much you can still tag us  @icarryyourheartgram so we can be in awe of your amazingness.  Let’s keep these images to phone pictures.  We will regram our favorites!

You can also head over to Facebook and post an image on our wall.  Make sure you include your business name and/or facebook page.  These images can be taken with anything…phone, point and shoot, pro-camera.  If it is a pro-quality image, it doesn’t matter what camera was used.  We will select a few to share on our facebook page.  If we find one especially inspiring, we may contact you to add it to the current weeks blog post as a guest contributor!


If your facebook submission has been selected to appear as a guest post in our weekly blog, you are welcome to use the above badge for your blog or website.